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Tigers (USA) Global Logistics, Inc.
Responsible for business development and operational enhancement of Tigers transportation and logistics business covering both international and domestic activities in the US. Advise Chief Executive Officer and Board of Directors on opportunities by which to expand and improve the global reach of the Groups logistical services. Engage in modeling activities of the Groups current business portfolios and implement steps to predict and respond to changes in global and domestic market activity. Study operational efficiency of companys operating subsidiaries in the Americas and evaluate methods to increase efficiencies, reduce overhead costs and enhance the profitability of each business unit and entity. Research cutting edge developments in information technologies and supply chain management solutions and outline how the company could take steps to improve its current use of technology and also take actions to implement new technologies for its customers. Expand and improve portfolio of services of the US entities. Study current services and communications systems and develop options to improve companys ability to manage and to provide timely and accurate track and trace information to its customers for each step in the shipment and delivery processes. Analyze each feature of the companys current business model, including importing, exporting, customs brokerage and 3PL business. Research, develop, and implement methods to enhance sea and air business to and from Europe and the Far East, concentrating on triangle shipments with an expansion of air freight business. Study, design, develop, and help implement a 3PL logistics business in the US to complement the current freight and brokerage operations of the US entities and as a selling feature to assist the Groups operating companies outside the US. Provide technical and sales training to personnel in the US. Analyze US entities and develop ways to expand trade links with companys foreign operating units so as to improve the quality of service and offer global supply chain solutions to the Groups customers both in and outside of the US. Implement procedures and training to enhance the creditability of the US companies to serve international customers. This position requires some domestic and international travel.
REQUIREMENTS: Bachelors degree in Business Administration, Business Management, or related field plus 96 months experience in job offered, Logistics, Freight Forwarding, Customs Brokerage, or related occupation. Experience must include 1) at least 8 years of management experience in international freight forwarding and logistics companies, 2) managing regulatory requirements as it pertains to the USA, merger and acquisition practice as well as SEC compliance, 3) working with international operations (European and Asian), 4) partnering with the management team on other continents to support the Chief Executive Officer in formulating a global strategy, 5) analyzing current market trends relating to international and domestic logistics activities. Experience may be gained concurrently. Any suitable combination of education, training or experience is acceptable.
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